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Servo Module   Futaba digital servos
Mechanical Structure   Fully assembled robot
Controller Board
  • Dual microcontrollers
  • Able to control up to 24 servo motors
  • 4 analog inputs
  • 4digital inputs
  • 3 CCP &1 I2C for ultrasonic, compass, etc.
  • 8-channel program selection
  • 2 serial communication ports
  • Bluetooth module (optional)
  • Interface to PC, PDA, handphone etc.
Control Software   ARICC Humanoid Motion and Gait Editor
Serial Cable   1 Serial Cable
Communication Interface
  • RS232 (Max 115200bps)
  • Bluetooth (optional)
Degrees of Freedom   17 (Neck x 1, Arm x 6, Leg x 10)
Dimension   358mm x 175mm x 100mm
Weight   1.8kg (including battery)
Battery   1 NiMH 7.2 rechargeable battery
Charger   1 AC220V Charger
Manual   1
Colour   Purple, black, other colours upon request

A perfect robotic kit to stimulate your Creativity, Innovation and Enterprise!


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  Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control Centre (ARICC)
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